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Nepal's Leading Rural Teaching Hospital // Possible

Transform what's possible

Become a Possibilist, a monthly funder, and help build Nepal’s leading rural teaching hospital to deliver healthcare in one of the world’s most impossible places.

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pos·si·bil·ist noun: a person who proves it’s possible for everyone to have access to high-quality healthcare.

This is more than a hospital

It’s a replicable model that will transform rural hospitals around the world.

“This hospital is a hub for our aspirations to build the best healthcare model in the world. Now we can meet our remarkable increase in patients and train Nepal’s next generation of healthcare leaders.”
—Dr. Bikash, Medical Director


The Nepali government has already invested $1 million USD for the project, which is 50% of the total cost. Together, we can match their commitment and fully fund this transformation.

See the Impact

First Rural Teaching Hospital

Nepal's Leading Rural Teaching Hospital

This expansion allows us to become the leading accredited teaching hospital in rural Nepal, turning our hospital into a clinical teaching space to train Nepal’s next generation of rural healthcare leaders and continuously improve the quality of healthcare delivery. The teaching services provided will also become a new revenue source and diversify our long-term funding.


Efficient energy sources

Durable Design to Match Challenges

We deliver healthcare in extremely isolated regions where there’s very little water, electricity, and systems to properly manage waste. But the hospital is designed to address these challenges: It will be powered 100% by solar energy, thermal building materials will naturally moderate temperature, rainwater will be harvested and collected, and waste will be safely processed.


A replicable model

A replicable model that inspires

Transforming our hospital goes beyond the district where we work. Our design will inspire a new standard for more than 70 rural, public hospitals throughout Nepal. This expansion shows the cost and impact of renovating existing facilities that aren’t designed to meet the challenges of rural settings, provides a template for how to replicate it in other regions, and proves you can solve for the patient in some of the world’s most impossible places.


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